Awarding the Best Spirits.


Each year spirits will be judged and awarded using the following criteria:

There will be multiple medals awarded in each category, and it is also possible there are no medals awarded if the scores were not sufficiently high enough. Only the top scoring spirits will be awarded.

Awards Judges' Choice

A Judges' Choice Medal is for the spirits that the Judges scored consistently the highest. Not every category will have a Judges' choice, but those awarded will usually already have a gold medal.

Awards Gold Medal

A Gold Medal is awarded to the highest scores, between 90 and 100 points. These are the spirits of best quality and great flavour. A joy to drink and must for the spirit lover to own.

Awards Silver Medal

A Silver Medal is awarded to the next hightest scores, between 80 and 89. These spirits are great quality and definitely something to have in your collection.

Awards Bronze Medal

A Bronze Medal is awarded to the next highest scores, between 70 and 79. These spirits are of very good quality and flavour and should definitely be chosen over lesser known brands.